Matt Monihan, Lead UX designer at RJMetrics


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Matt Monihan is a software designer for venture funded business intelligence company, RJMetrics and runs a podcasts at, that claims, “there is no work/life balance, work is your life”. Matt’s designed software that helps hundreds of businesses run more efficiently by visualizing their data. He spends his time trying to find the common threads among the businesses we serve, and propose software that will save minutes, sometimes hours of time.

As the UX Designer at RJMetrics he manages a team of developers that is solving one of the most challenging UX problems of our time: how to make sense of data.

First and foremost, it’s his job to listen. There are many data pains, and many potential cures, but with an endless number of problems for our product to potentially solve, Matt’s responsibilities include identifying the best possible course of action, given a large amount of uncertainty in the market.

In addition to product development, he is also responsible for the interaction design and aesthetics of product. He considers himself a craftsman, and firmly believe for that for a designer to produce the best possible experience, they should know and understand their medium. That is why he is an expert in HTML and CSS, and use AngularJS to prototype every interaction before we commit to it.

Matt is also a self described economist and psychonaut.

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